Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer (Best Way To Preserve Liquid)

Drinking coffee has no replacement, and it is consumed by millions daily. Most joe consumers like to serve coffee with creamer flavors combination, which attracts the drinkers. Usually, creamer has two types in the market dairy and non-dairy liquid or powder.

Coffee lovers don’t resist trying the enticing taste of creamer coffee and making it at home. Preparing is no longer challenging as most of us want to enjoy it regularly. You must have the best coffee maker and premium-quality coffee beans to make it.

Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer

Generally, it is considered that the diary creamer will go bad due to the short span of the expiry date, and it comes in a bottle. It’s a seasonal product that can’t be used year-round; if you ever do so, it’ll produce a smell after a specific time.

What is Coffee Creamer?

It’s a condensed milky-based creamy coffee that comes in liquid and powder form. Similarly, it is available in various flavors and colors, some creamers have chocolate, and some come in different colors. Coffee creamer makes your coffee smooth and increases the richness of the drink.

Buying a cream bottle every time isn’t budgeted; here’s a question that comes to mind. Can you freeze coffee creamer and use it when you have to brew coffee? Does it have the same flavor and give a fresh aroma?

Let’s explore the fact about freezing the liquid coffee creamer to use in the future.

Freezing Creamers

You can easily freeze the creamers in a container or bottle for up to 4 to 6 months. Removing a few volumes is unnecessary if it is a creamy liquid because it doesn’t expand like water in a frozen state. Freezing dairy creamer is a little bit tricky because the particles of milk and water will split when they are frosty.

But in the case of creamy powdered, it clumps simultaneously and melts gradually in the hot coffee if it isn’t fully frozen. Keep the coffee creamer in the refrigerator, and before using, remove it from the freezer for 1 or 2 hours and shake it well.

It must be noted that if you haven’t opened the powdered coffee creamer, its taste wouldn’t be changed or affected for several weeks. Save the liquid and coffee creamer in your freezer to extend its life span if its expiry is much nearer. It is better to use the creamer within five to seven days if you have thawed it.

Best Ways To Freeze Coffee Creamers

Being an enthusiast of original coffee creamer, no one can wait for the festive season to get the creamy flavors, especially those who drink it regularly. There are mainly two methods for freezing and preserving the liquid creamers for a long time.

  • Freeze it in a large container
  • Freeze it in small sections

People store liquid creamers in a cold environment to extend the duration for later use. If you like hot coffee and mix the creamer over it, first thaw the frozen creamer by placing it in the microwave for some minutes. Let’s discuss the whole process.

By Using The Bottles And Labeling Them

It is one of the simplest ways of storing coffee creamer in the original bottle, although it is necessary to check the coffee’s expiry date before freezing. There is no need to worry about the expansion of the water molecules when it comes near the freezing point, as it happens with every liquid.

If you have already stored any bottle of creamer, then it’s time to put the new ones on the back of the old ones. This will help you pick the old one when you need to brew coffee, and if the old bottle has been finished, you will grab the new one instead of stranding the oldest one.

Check The Expiry Date

Most liquids often shrink in the cold state, so don’t remove any volume of cream, and no chance of the bottle bursting. Here’s the process to label the bottles if you’re storing more than one by carefully mentioning the manufacturing or batch date and the expiry date.

Most famous brands don’t recommend freezing the coffee creamer because it is challenging to have an estimated date. Therefore as per taste experience, coffee creamer doesn’t go bad for an average of six months in the freezer; after this, the taste starts to get worse.

Thawing Process

To melt the creamer, keep it in the fridge for one day to effectively revert it to the liquid state. There’s no risk of blighting or damaging while melting it in the refrigerator due to the rising high temperature, and no bacteria would also produce during this process.

Shake It Properly Before Use

After the thawing process has been done, it’s time to shake it correctly before mixing it well.

Better To Use Within A Week

Don’t try to refreeze once you have thawed it; it is better to use it within a week. If you don’t do it, the taste and quality of the creamer bottle will be compromised, and all of your efforts will be wasted.

Freeze In Small Portions

It is not best practice to freeze the whole creamer; if you’re craving creamy coffee, how can you thaw the entire bottle? To prevent spoiling the bottle, the best solution to freeze the coffee creamer is in small portions, and you can easily melt that specific portion as per your consumption need.

Freeze It In Ice Cube Tray

Another fantastic way of saving coffee creamer is by using an ice cube tray, filling the creamy liquid in the cube holes, and then placing the tray in the freezer. It’ll take 2 to 3 hours to freeze completely.

Some of the latest freezers don’t offer shallow temperatures for frosting the liquid into a substantially solid form.

You can also mix the liquid creamer with expresso or milk with a ratio of 1:1, and it is only suitable for liquid dairy products. Once the creamer’s cubes have frozen, there are two possible solutions, put them into the microwave and thaw them for a few seconds.

They get a little warm to come back in the molten form then you can add the molten liquid into your coffee cup or mug. The second possibility is to put the iced creamer cubes into the coffee so the resulting coffee will be richer and creamier or freeze the ice cubes into a sealable freezer bag with the freezing date.

Always ensure the date of the sealed labeled bags and put one bag of ice creamer cubes into coffee cups when needed. This method gives you easiness by defrosting only a single portion of a creamer rather than all the ice cube trays. Furthermore, some people put the cubes in the blender to make rich and creamy flavors of the drink.

How Long Does A Coffee Creamer Last?

Multiple factors impact the coffee creamers’ shelf life; some common ones are storing the creamers, labeling the packing, sealing correctly, and processing methods. The extended life of the creamer varies from brand to brand, and using a vacuum sealer is the best one to pack the coffee creamer cubes for long-lasting.

Powdered coffee creamers have more life span than liquid ones, but you can increase the dairy creamer’s life from days to several weeks by keeping them in the fridge if you haven’t opened it. Don’t keep the cream out of the refrigerator; otherwise, there are chances that heat, air, or moisture can affect it, and it can spoil rapidly.


Freezing coffee creamers is no more difficult now, so to keep the creamer fresh, it is important to divide it into small segments. You can extend its life for 4 to 6 months; hence it doesn’t change its taste and texture. If you ever buy in bulk to freeze, you can save money by using it around the season and can use only a desired amount of frozen cream as per your serving need.

The creamers are available in multiple flavors, but the freezing process is the same for all tastes. Therefore, an incredible way to save the coffee cream last longer is to freeze it in bottles or ice cube trays, then place the cubes into a plastic bag or use a vacuum sealer. These are convenient methods of frosting the liquid products in the bottle or the whole container.