How To Make Coffee Without A Filter? (7 Best Ways)

Sometimes, while making a beverage cup and not having towel paper, you try to become innovative to sort out this problem. There’s no need to worry as many methods are available that helps you in preparing your drink.

You can easily brew cups of joes at home without a coffee filter in many alternative ways. Firstly, be patient and relaxed, but it would be the best selection if you use a coffee brewer. You can check the various range of coffee makers here for your ease.

how to make coffee without a filter

Coffee Filter Substitutes And Replacement Hacks

There are many substitutes for coffee filters, but the basic things are the same; you should have a few necessary things to fulfill your craving needs. These things are

  • Fresh ground coffee
  • Carafe, mug, or pot
  • Hot water (Incase if you want to make cold brew)
  • Somewhat creativity

Ways To Make Coffee Without A Filter

There are serval ways to make decent cups of coffee without applying any extra equipment. For this, you have to heat the desired amount of water in the oven or charcoal burner, and after warming, the water adds a measured quantity of ground beans in it.

All the methods or techniques have been tested and found to work perfectly fine, even for the newcomers.

1- French press

This is genuinely one of the versatile ways of preparing a few cups of coffee, and due to its multiple capabilities, you can also utilize it for making tea and frothing the milk. There’s no need for a filter, so get ready for any flavour of your drink or even Turkish coffee without hassle.

Ingredients Required

  1. A measured quantity of water
  2. Fresh ground coffee (medium is preferable)
  3. 2 cups of coffee

How To Do Improvised French Press

  • Boil the water in the electric kettle and after heating, leave it for a minute, then add ground coffee to it.
  • For one cup of coffee, put 250 ml into the jar.
  • Now fill the cup with water.
  • The coffee will dissolve in it within 5 minutes.
  • For strong coffee, give it some more time.
  • After the successful brewing, gradually transfer the hot coffee into the cup. Some of the ground particles would sit at the bottom of the kettle. Don’t stream them if you don’t spoil the taste.
  • Enjoy the sips of your delicious coffee.


It is the traditional way so if you're professional in coffee making then you would definitely get the perfect drink. 

2- Cold Brew Coffee

When you don’t have a coffee appliance and filter to make effective ice coffee, then you must have a towel or multiple layers of gauze to avail this opportunity. It would be best to understand that this is a little bit sharp from regular coffee.

How To Make Cold Coffee

  • Take a jar and add 3 oz. of ground coffee to it. To make the filtration process more versatile and smooth, pick coarse grind beans to avoid the bitter taste.
  • Add 16 fl. oz. of water into the jar. This almost 1:6 coffee in the water produces a strong and cold brew.
  • Take a spoon and stir the mixture.
  • Now close the jar with the cover and put it into the fridge for 7 to 12 hours. Don’t need to keep the jar in the refrigerator for a long time.
  • Place the double-layered cheesecloth or thin kitchen towel and place it into the mouth vessel.
  • The towel or cloth will assist as a filter and brew the cold coffee while separating the grounds.
  • Grab a cup and add ice cubes to it, although pour the filtered coffee above them.
  • You can taste it, or if you need a thinner drink, add water or milk that suits you.
  • For a tasteful and hot cup, add hot water to it.


After producing the cold brew, you can store it in the fridge for two weeks and the taste remains the same.

3- Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is prepared on the stove in the absence of filters. A few things are compulsory for it: refined ground coffee, a pot, water, and some quantity of sugar. Sugar isn’t a necessary requirement for those who drink blood coffee.

But traditionally, Turkish coffee is made in a long-handled with a pouring lip known as cezve. It isn’t used in houses or the kitchen, so you can also use a saucepan. However, it would help if you had even more fine powder that is better than espresso because it takes only a few seconds to extract.

You can quickly take it in two sips if you’re a bold and robust coffee lover.

How To Make Turkish Coffee

  • Take a saucepan and add 1.7 oz per cup of water to it.
  • Add sugar as per your taste because it is optional.
  • Now boil water in the pot from medium to low settings for some time.
  • After boiling, add a heaped teaspoon of ground coffee into the saucepan or pot and put it back on the burner or stove.
  • When the coffee becomes boiling, turn off the stove.
  • A foam layer will come to the top; stir the liquid, and the foam will be disappeared.
  • Wait for some time, and then when the grounds go down.
  • Coffee with a fresh aroma and delicious taste is ready for serving.

If you often take Turkish coffee, then always use fresh ground coffee, then the foam comes to the top due to the freshness of the grounds and the old ones. When the bubbles start, remove the heat so the taste will be excellent during boiling.

It is very rich in taste, but this flavor of coffee is not adopted in Western and European countries, and that’s why it isn’t commonly drunk there.

4- A Fine Mesh Strainer

A strainer with fine-quality mesh also does the job very well. But if you have a double-layered mesh with dinner holes, it would be the magical brew by not passing the ground in your drink. Since a filter is available in every kitchen, it is the best and easiest way to make coffee without a filter.

how to make coffee without a filter

Required Things

  1. A fine and durable mesh strainer
  2. Fine and fresh coffee grounds
  3. Water
  4. A cup

How To Make Coffee With A Fine Mesh Strainer

  • Take some water in a pot to boil, and turn off the boiler after it tries to evaporate.
  • Now pick a cup and place it on a flat surface to put the strainer on the cup.
  • For a single cup, add 2 TBSP of coffee to the strainer.
  • Flow the boiled water over the coffee to brew it smoothly for some time.
  • After completing the brewing, take the strainer away from the cup and enjoy the drink.


You can make a cup or a carafe; it depends on you because of scalability. It has a pretty taste but gives you the control of whether to make strong coffee or the grounds soak into the cup is your’s choice. The sieve can’t hold the most delicate ground as it quickly flows with the water.

5- Instant Coffee Powder

Instant coffee is the best and most straightforward option to make cups of joes ready in just seconds. There is no need to use any coffee machine or filters while utilizing this. For each cup of coffee, add a teaspoon of coffee powder.

You can add more or less powder to your drink, and it depends on how the taste you like. Add more powder or less for a strong liquor if you need to brew a flavourful drink.

How To Make Instant Coffee

  • Take water in a bowl or pot and heat it until it starts boiling.
  • When it begins to boil, turn off the heat to start cooling down for 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Now take the coffee powder, add it to a mug or pot, and then pour the boiled water.
  • Taste it; if you want to add milk or sugar for more beverage suitable, you can adjust it.

It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make coffee urgently, but the only con is, the grounds aren’t fresh, so you don’t have the same taste you get from new grounds.

6- DIY Coffee Filter

It is another method to prepare coffee, but it is somewhat similar to the coffee bag. You can use it when there’s no bag of coffee remaining with a handkerchief, cheesecloth, or towel paper that works fine. Choose any of them which is easier for you because they all perform the same function as a filter.

Somehow it is not wrong to say you’re making a tea bag, but you replace tea with the ground form of coffee.

Things Required

  1. A coffee pot or mug
  2. Boiled Water
  3. Ground coffee
  4. Binder or paper clips and rubber bands
  5. Good quality of cheesecloth, handkerchief, or towel paper
How To Make Drink With DIY Coffee Filter
  • Take water in a mug or pot and heat it to boil for some time.
  • After boiling, turn off the heat and let it a little bit cool.
  • Place the handkerchief, cheesecloth, or paper towel on the cup and fasten it with a rubber band or clip.
  • Now it looks like an artificial filter.
  • Put the coffee from the filter, and it will start flourishing.
  • Pour the left water there slowly and confirm that the bag is entirely under the water so the grounds spread over in every direction quickly.
  • Keep the bag in the cup so it can steep perfectly, and soak it until you achieve the desired flavour of the coffee.
  • In the last, remove the filter and drink your joe.
7- Reusable Tea Bags

If you’re a tea enthusiast, you must have reusable tea bags in your kitchen for instant tea. You can steep the bag to your coffee grounds as you have done for tea in the cup. The best advantage of using tea bags is that they can be used more than once, saving your time and cost.

Moreover, the bags or empty sachets are used as a filter which is another benefit. They’re spongy and thin, which proves itself for easy extraction.

How To Make Coffee With Reusable Tea Bags

  • Take a reusable tea bag, add 1 to 2 TBS of fine-quality ground coffee, and then seal it from its mouth.
  • Now boil water in a cup or a mug.
  • After boiling, cool it down for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • It’s time to add a soaked reusable tea bag into the cup and wait sometimes.
  • You can stir it slightly with a spoon and remove the bag from the cup.
  • Joe is ready to serve.

In a few moments and powder, you get your drink ready without using chemicals or other materials. You have to buy reusable bags for this method, which differs from pour-over drip coffee and french press.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to making coffee without a filter, then you don’t need to be worried. There are many substitute ways to brew coffee without filters easily. But the few things that should be available to get your job done are a pot, mug, or cup, boiled water, strainer or towel paper, and fresh grounds.

These are readily available in every home and kitchen. So we have discussed to fulfill your need for a drink in a minimum time and applying less effort. Besides this, other techniques are also used, like coffee brewed with a sock or stocking, cowboy coffee, and a microwave.

These methods don’t need fancy equipment in preparation and are also simple. The best flavours we’ve made through these methods are french press, cold brew, and instant coffee without tasting any chemicals.


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