Types Of Coffee Beans (Differences And Characteristics)

Like others, do you also feel confused about selecting coffee beans while visiting a grocery store? Because most people don’t know the difference between the many types of coffee beans available on the market. They take the beans or grounds and put them into the dual coffee maker to ready the drink. Only joe enthusiasts know the variations between the beans and from where they come?

Here’s the question that arises where do the coffee beans originate? The coffee bean is a seed found in the cherry of the caffeine plant. You can brew your favourite flavour of coffee after extracting the beans from the cherry fruit. Then wash and dry them to roast for grinding to ready your drink.

types of coffee beans

Kinds Of Coffee Beans

Commonly, coffee beans are divided into four types worldwide: arabica, robusta, excelsa, and liberica. They all have diverse tastes, but arabica coffee beans are the most prevalent used. Those who drink beverages regularly can quickly tell the bean’s variations. Let’s give a deep analysis of coffee nuts.

1- Arabica Coffee Beans (Coffea Arabica)

They are the most prevailing and well-liked type of beans in the world due to their delicious taste. Americans especially prefer arabica beans over others, so the production of these beans has been increasing rapidly by more than 60% globally in the past years.

These beans are grown in areas with higher heights than the water level. That specific surface needs an abundance of rain and shadow for better farming. The cultivation of Arabica plants is easy to manage, and they’re easy to crop. The land of brazil considers best for arabica beans due to the rainforest and the largest export of arabica coffee.

Types Of Coffee Beans

Pruning Of The Beans

Their plants are soft but smaller in height, so it is easy to crop them, and they need proper attention because environmental disasters can affect them. These beans are pricer due to their huge demand. Top brands of coffee use arabica beans for the advertisement as it is the highest quality beans.

It is challenging to grow arabica coffee beans because it doesn’t meet the natural environmental conditions. But you have noted that all kinds of coffee beans supposed as bean belts. They grow in a specific area within the zone of cancer and Capricorn in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Taste Difference In Several Countries

These particular beans are shiny and less acidic with full of flavour and aroma. The brewing taste becomes lessened when mixed with cream or milk same happens while serving with cold brew. The brewing taste changes after adding something additional to the drink.

The bean’s taste also varies from country to country, depending on where it grew. If you want a smooth and perfect taste, pick the bean bag of Ethiopia from the grocery or coffee store.

2- Robusta Coffee Beans (Canephora Beans)

The second-largest demanded and produced beans are known as robusta, extensively used in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. It is grown in the regions of Indonesia and Africa, but robusta beans are also much consumed in Vietnam. We assume that it would be hard from its name and its flavour will give a strong and harsh taste.

Canephora beans look darker and have a harsh, bitter, or burnt taste because of double caffeine than arabica coffee. Those who want a quick and energetic boost should try it. Therefore, as it is easy to cultivate, farmers make huge profits while selling it.

Types Of Coffee Beans

They’re affordable compared to the other beans but rounded in shape with extreme levels of caffeine. Their plants grow larger in hot weather at usually average heights above sea level, making them less prone to diseases.

These beans can efficiently prepare espresso or instant coffee, producing a layer of crema. Due to its earthy quality, it is ideal for cappuccinos and lattes where the softness of arabica disappears. It is readily available in the store, even in blend form; hence, roasting the beans is unnecessary.

3- Liberica Coffee Beans (Coffea Liberica)

Another type of coffee bean is liberica beans which have a sharp and bold taste with a fruity aroma of a smoky flavour profile as woody. These beans need humid climatic conditions at low altitudes to produce enough beans to fill the market gap. It is rare to get the perfect quality liberica nuts with a floral taste.

While growing, this plant becomes larger in height than arabica and robusta, so its cherries adopt an irregular shape. Previously in the nineteenth century, Coffea Liberica was one of the top beans; then, there was a fungal disease, coffee rust, discovered in their plants. It caused the downfall of the arabica plant all over the land since they lost their popularity.

types of coffee beans

At that time, the Philippines try to profit by harvesting the liberica plant to fulfill the market need and boost the economy. Meanwhile, U.s and the Philippines ‘ ties were severely affected, and the U.S. cut down supplies. Therefore the Philippines bore heavy sanctions, and its economy went down. Now Malaysia produces more than 90% of the liberica coffee.

Some Coffee enthusiasts who tried these beans enjoy the taste, while a few drinkers admire the peculiar, crazy, and sneaky sip at the end. In Philippine society, these beans are known as “kapeng barako” or coffee barako. It means “macho stud,” and it is served in black.

4- Excelsa Coffee Beans (Coffea Excelsa)

A type of bean is newly categorized as a member of the liberica family, but it is counted as a distinct variant in the old times. It is grown in the south Asian regions, and its shape is similar to liberica beans or widened obviates. Their beans grow in average altitudes and are almost 20 to 30-foot large coffee plants. It personates a small portion of the coffee world.

types of coffee beans

It makes sour and fruit flavour and is famous for the qualities of the light and dark roasts for the unique taste. Often, it is appreciated by the coffee professional, and you can find it in the blend form because it involves complications. These beans are unique and have less aroma and caffeine in them.

It should be noted that excelsa beans aren't common as other ones and you can find them easily in Asia.

How To Choose The Right Coffee Beans?

Now you’re familiar with all the types of coffee beans and the factors that help you find the right beans for brewing. If you want to enjoy and drink the best flavor regularly, you should pay a little extra for the Arabica. If you are a strong brew consumer and want more caffeine, pick a robusta bag or blend form and grind it yourself to get the fresh aroma of coffee.

Arabica and Robusta are the most popular coffee beans worldwide at an average price because they’re readily available. But it depends on you how you prepare your drink, either hot or cold and creamy or without cream. But if you want to experience other beans, Liberica and Excelsa are also available.

We recommend you buy any kind of beans and grind it to make an ideal coffee. The grinding process will take some time, but it would be beneficial for you to get the freshness and flavorsome of the beverage. Similarly, making black coffee or a sweeter drink with a light body and less acidity than it is good to go with arabica beans.


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